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Rubric ID: 1045516
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    Oral Language Foundations - from beginning emergent to beginning developing phase

Recognizes whether a sentence with a simple structure is grammatically correct
Applies most grammatical rules correctly in his/her speech
Apply some grammatical rules in his/her speech
Approximate adult grammar with some over generalizations ("goed" for went)
Correctly pronounces all phonemes (with guidance)
Pronounces most phonemes correctly (common mispronunciations f,l,s,r,th)
Pronounces many phonemes correctly
Pronounces few phonemes correctly
Use of sentences
Include details such as when, who, where, what in describing experiences, stories
Uses descriptive language - uses simple story structure to tell, retell, or write and draw stories
Gives simple descriptions of past experiences -share information from television programs, field trips and information books
Uses simple sentences to inform, make requests, and meet social and emotional needs
Uses specific vocabulary from different subject areas appropriately
Uses descriptive language
Engages in imaginative play - talking to self and others
Names most things in immediate world and enjoys learning new vocabulary within concrete and high interest experiences

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