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Multiple-Choice Magic Workshop

Project Description
This rubric was actually designed for a workshop that I presented to the math teachers in my department. I learned of this multiple-choice technique from a workshop entitled Dynamic Classroom Assessment. I liked the technique so well that I wanted to share it with others.

Basically, the multiple-choice quiz is designed to determine how students are thinking about math. Then the teacher can determine what types of errors students are making in their mathematical thinking, and she/he will know how to help students to get on the right track. These quizzes allow students to receive partial credit on a multiple choice quiz. I've used this assessment technique in my classes, and the students' learning has been positively impacted by them.

So, I shared this assessment technique with the teachers in my department. When I conducted the workshop, I wanted feedback from them about how the workshop was conducted and if the information would help their students too. That is why I created this rubric.

The assessment technique can be used as a pre- or post- quiz in a unit.

Rubric Information
Rubric TitleMultiple-Choice Magic Workshop
Rubric ID1440804
Teacher NameTrena Wise

Project Includes
LinksFactoring Quiz 
StandardsThe assessment technique meets the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics assessment standard that states "assessment is a valuable tool for making instructional decisions.(p.23) Also, the workshop meets several of the standards set forth by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards that require educators to be a member of a learning community, to collaborate with colleagues, and to support the improvement of mathematics education and the professional growth of mathematics teachers. 
Teacher Tips I feel the rubric and project were successful because the workshop went well, and I had many positive comments on the rubric about the session. Many of the teachers were excited to try this assessment technique with their classes. I do not believe that I need to make any changes to it, and I did not encounter any problems with it. RubiStar helped me to help other teachers improve students' learning of mathematics. QuizStar | TrackStar | NoteStar | Profiler Pro | More Tools RubiStar en Español | Contact Us | Terms of Use  
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