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How to edit a rubric

When you are in the editing mode of RubiStar, you may choose one of four options: edit the rubric information, edit the column names, edit the rubric row names, or edit the rubric content.

Step 1 Edit the rubric information
Step 2 Edit the column names
Step 3 Edit the rubric row names
Step 4 Edit the rubric content

Edit the rubric information

To edit any of your rubric information, click the Edit Rubric Info button.

This is an image of the Edit Rubric Info Button

Here you will be able to change certain aspects of your rubric, like the title. You can also change the amount of columns your rubric contains simply by selecting a number from the drop down menu, as shown below. This is a great help if you would like to have a rubric with more than a four point rating scale.

This is an image of the cursor selecting the number six from the drop down menu so that there will be six columns on the rubric.

You may also choose to assign an expiration date to your rubric, which will mean that you must first select Yes, my rubric is temporary from the drop down menu. Only temporary rubrics have expiration dates. This would be ideal if you know that you will not need the rubric for an extended period of time.

Once you are finished, click the Submit button.

Edit the column names

If you would like to change the order of your columns or add new columns, then click the Edit Column button.

Here, you may specify the order of the different columns in your rubric. You can use the Right, Left, and Delete buttons to rearrange your columns. In the image below the category Outstanding would be moved to the right once the link is clicked.

This is an image of the pointer being over the Right link in order to move the category Outstanding to the right.

You can also add new columns to your rubric under this section. Under the subtitle Add a new column to this rubric type the new column name into the text box and click the Add New Column, as shown in the image below.

This is an image of "Try Again" being typed in the text box and the pointer clicking the Add New Column button.

You can then rearrange the order of your columns once again to fit your needs. You will also want to add content to this new column by going to the Edit Rubric Content section.

If you have accidentally deleted a column you wanted to keep, then you can use the final section in this area. Under the subtitle Template Rubric Column, a list of deleted columns will appear. If you decide you did want one of these columns that you deleted, you can click on the Add This is an image of the Add button. button next to the column you would like to keep. Refer to the image below.

This is an image of the pointer clicking on the add button.

Edit the rubric row names

If you would like to edit the row names, then click the Edit Rubric Row Names button.

Now you will be able to rename the category headings, move rows up and down, add new rows of your own, or add categories on the template that you had originally not selected.

To change the category headings, simply highlight the old heading and type the new name, as shown in the image below.

This is an image of the category heading being highlighted. There are also up, down and delete links to the left of the category headings.

Notice in the image above that there are also Up, Down, and Delete links for you to rearrange the order of your rows. Be sure that once you are finished renaming the categories and moving or deleting them, that you click the Update Rows button.

Under the subtitle Add New Rows, type in the blank text boxes any category headings that you would like to add to the rubric. Again, you will want to edit your rubric content to fill in the rating boxes for your new category. Then click the Add New Row(s) button.

If you would like to add some categories from the template that you had not previously added, then scroll down to the subtitled section Add Rows(s) from your Original Template. Press the Add This is an image of the add button. button next to the category you would like to add.

Edit the rubric contents

To update or edit your rubric content, click on the Edit Rubric Contents button.

This is an image of the edit rubric content button.

Notice that any rows or columns of your own that you added in the previous two sections will have blank boxes. You will need to fill these boxes with your own words. Be sure that your rubric maintains its constancy across the rating scale. To enter your own words, simply click in the empty box and type as you would in a word processor.

You also have the chance to change the column headings or rating scale while in this editing section.

The Reset buttons are again available for you to revert back to the original text in the template.

When you have finished making the changes click the Submit button.

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