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Rubric ID: 2001013
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    6-7 Minute Video project

Partially Proficient
10 points The storyboard illustrates the video presentation structure with thumbnail sketches of each scene.Notes of proposed transition, special effects, sound, and text (titles) are included. The sequence is logical. All dialogue is noted.
6 points The storyboard includes thumbnail sketches of each video scene and includes text for each segment, audio, and dialogue. All sketches are organized and numbered.
4 points Thumbnail sketches are not in order, there is no logical sequence and they do not provide complete descriptions of the video scenes, audio, or dialogue
0 points There is no evidence of a storyboard.
10 points Dialogue is clearly defined, written well, and is in the correct location. Dialogue is an important part of the scene. The information works extremely well with matching elements.
6 points Information is presented as a connected theme with accurate, current supporting information that contributes to understanding the project's main idea.
4 points The content does not present a clearly stated theme, is vague and some of the supporting information does not seem to fit the main idea or appears as a disconnected series of scenes with no unifying main idea.
0 points The content lacks a central theme, clear point of view and logical sequence of information. The message is not connected to the elements. Information is incomplete or missing.
20 points The project is edited with only high quality shots. Video moves smoothly from shot to shot. A variety of transitions (which make sense) are used to assist in communicating the main idea and smooth the flow from one scene to the next. Shots and scenes flow seamlessly. Digital effects are used appropriately for emphasis.
14 points The project is edited throughout with only quality shots remaining. A variety of transitions are used. Good pacing and timing.
8 points The project is edited in few spots. Several poor shots remain. Transitions are choppy or overused. There are many "dirty" edits or frames of black remaining.
0 points The project is mostly unedited. Poor video remains. No transitions are used.
20 points The audio is clear and effectively assists in communicating the main idea. Levels are balanced. Music is used appropriately and at correct levels. Sound effects are used appropriately and make sense.
14 points The audio is clear and assists in communicating the main idea.
8 points The audio is inconsistent in clarity. Levels are uneven. Microphones not used where needed. Camera microphone used instead of lav or hand held mics.
0 points The audio is cut-off and inconsistent or overpowering.
Camera Work
20 points All shots are clearly focused and well framed. The camera is steady and a tripod is used where needed. A variety of shots are used.
14 points Most shots are clearly focused and well framed.
8 points Some shots are unfocused, poorly framed or shaky.
0 points Many shots are unfocused and poorly framed. There is excessive panning and zooming to distract the viewer.
10 points Producers have thought out an interesting ORIGINAL idea. A variety of production values are used. All elements are blended together to form a riveting project.
6 points Good blend of all elements. Idea not completely original.
4 points Idea a copy of an existing theme. Simple shots and elements used.
0 points Bland project put together without much thought.
Neatness (Script & Storyboard)
10 points Both script and storyboard are neat. Presented on good quality paper. Group members names and Group number are present. All material clearly legible.
6 points Script and storyboard legible. Paper in poor shape.
4 points Script and storyboard barely legible. Messy paper.
0 points Script and storyboard illegible.
Maintained and handed in. No loss of grade.
Not kept or handed in. Grade drops one level.

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