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Rubric ID: 1600175
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    Multimedia Project : Washington, D.C. Podcast Tour

4 - Excellent
3 - Good
2- Fair
1- Poor
Catchy and clever introduction. Provides relevant information and establishes a purpose engaging the listener immediately.
Describes the topic and engages the audience as the introduction proceeds.
Somewhat engaging (covers well-known topic), and provides a vague purpose.
Irrelevant or inappropriate topic that minimally engages listener. Does not include an introduction.
Covers topic in-depth with details and examples. Subject knowledge is excellent.
Includes essential knowledge about the topic. Subject knowledge appears to be good.
Includes essential information about the topic but there are 1-2 factual errors.
Content is minimal OR there are several factual errors.
Well-rehearsed with smooth delivery that holds audience attention.
Rehearsed with fairly smooth delivery that holds audience attention most of the time.
Delivery not smooth, but able to maintain interest of the audience most of the time.
Delivery not smooth and audience attention often lost.
Written Script
Script brought on due date. Group extensively edits based on feedback.
Script brought on due date. Group makes some edits.
Script was late. Few edits made.
Script was not submitted.
No misspellings or grammatical errors.
Three or fewer misspellings and/or mechanical errors.
Four misspellings and/or grammatical errors.
More than 4 errors in spelling or grammar.
Product shows a large amount of original thought. Ideas are creative and inventive.
Product shows some original thought. Work shows new ideas and insights.
Uses other people's ideas (giving them credit), but there is little evidence of original thinking.
Uses other people's ideas, but does not give them credit.
The workload is divided and shared equally by all team members.
The workload is divided and shared fairly by all team members, though workloads may vary from person to person.
The workload was divided, but one person in the group is viewed as not doing his/her fair share of the work.
The workload was not divided OR several people in the group are viewed as not doing their fair share of the work.

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