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    Analyzing a Podcast

Podast length is chunked down to focus on one specific content. Approximatly 3-5 minutes
Podcast length covers one content topic but is either slightly too short forgetting information or slightly too long.
Podcast length is too short and does not cover topic.
Podcast length exceeds the nessecary time to cover topic
Podcast has a friendly tone with high energy that keeps listeners attention
Podcast has a friendly tone but lacks energy.
Podcast may contain a slight monotone voice. May contain some energy but lacks attention sustaining qualities
Podcast is hard to hear and may or may not have miss pronounced words. Very difficult to follow.
Podcast has a clearly state purpose and connects to prior knowledge.
Podcast may have a clearly stated purpose but does not link information to prior knowledge.
Podcast does not clearly state its purpose.
Podcast is unfocused. Podcast does not have a clear purpose.
Podcast has an introduction and a clearly outlined body of content followed by a brief summary for review. Extremely well planned to flow smoothly.
Podcast includes an introduction, outlined body of content and summary. Lacks flow from beginning to end.
Podcast is missing segement that make understanding difficult.
Podcast is not organized and hard to follow. Podcast does not meet its educational goal.

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