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Rubric ID: 1113017
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    Classroom Literacy Improvement Assessment: A Teacher's Weekly Self-Assessment Rubric: Go for 100 in each column!

10 points
10 points
10 points
10 points
10 points
Taught/ Modeled "SMART" Text Coding system
Modeled the use of Background knowledge to scaffold comprehension
Modeled one of the six Reading Strategies
Engaged in Read Aloud and think Aloud
Used a Before/During/ After Lesson plan scaffolding technique
Used Writing to support and scaffold reading such as summarized in their own words
Modeled writing
Examined/ modeled practiced text structure
Supported writing with visuals and graphics
Asked students to summarize in their own words in writing
Modeled inference
Modeled the reasoning process: deductive and inductive
Modeled synthesis
Modeled analysis
Provided explicit instruction and feedback in higher level thinking
Created project based learning experience
Taught information web search skills
Supported research skills in the media center
Model the structure/process of a research project
scaffolded students in the active research data process
Instruction included explicit/ identified for students FCAT skills work
Talked about / used FCAT
Modeled think aloud with a process of elimination piece
Identified / reviewed the FCAT question stems by name for students
Made sure all students knew their scores in each strand

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