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    Eighth and Ninth Period Teen Violence Play Rubric

A good turning point. Students express thoughts clearly. Play stayed on topic and made perfectly good sense.
Script made some sense close to topic. Could have been more cleverly written, but it is detailed.
It has some of the info pertaining to teen justice and violence. Script made little sense to the audience.
Script went off topic, had no turning point. The script made no sense to the readerand had no justice.
Three dimensional characters fit in with the story in just about every scene. The characters made sense when dealing with each other.
Three dimensional character comes in when he/she is supposed to sometimes. Character makes some sense.
Character fits into some parts of the script, however not that many carefully thought out well rounded characters.
Script contains flat characters that come in and out of the play and made no sense.
Students put skill, passion and hard work into their performances. Students were very dedicated to the production.
Students tried their best, but they could have been better if they tried harder and pushed themselves to the limit.
Students just went out and did what they had to do to complete the assigned task. They were average. Nothing special.
Students kept messing up and did not try to do well at all. They did not put any effort into the play at all. My one-legged dog could have done a better job.
Student attended class everyday. Helps others in the group. Gets involved in all activities and gives 1,000,000%!!!
Comes to class and participates 80% of the time. Does good work but not exceptional.
Comes to class 75% of the time and is always missing a notebook, pencil, or pen. Rarely has anything to say.
Student does not attempt to try. Is not excited nor productive in class. Never shows up, sleeps and shows no effort.
Excellent performance. Crowd pleasing. Play stays on point. I give it two thumbs, two kneecaps and ten toes up!
Showed 75% of work. Showed a lot of effort throughout the performance and was halfway on point.
Performance showed very little effort, partial participation by the cast. I've seen better.
The performance was so boring and pitiful my momma went to sleep and snored in the front row. The characters look like they didn't even try!
The characters were very aware of their place on the stage; they were in plain sight. The props were clearly used and on point.
Students knew how to walk onstage from the back of his head. The setting and props were okay for the play.
Actord did not know about the setting for the play, and there was no clear use for props. They were just there for no reason.
The stage just looks completely jacked up. No props and no stage setting!
Audeince walked away from the play with a life lesson learned. It really made them think about the choice the have made or will make in life.
The audience has learned a valuable lesson fom the play.
The lesson the audience needed to learn needed to be clearer. They walked away confused.
There was no lesson learned. The play lacked a responsibility to teach a moral lesson.

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