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Rubric ID: 1026428
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    Attention Deficit Disorder

50 points
30 points
10 points
Has five main points for the three fact sheets from Link 2, lists 8-10 accommodations from Link 3 and answers both questions, answers both questions from Link 4, and answers both questions from Link 5. All answers should show critical thinking.
Completes activities that shows critical thinking from at least three links.
Not all link activities like the points, lists, or questions are even completed.
Is based on the correct audience (parents and teachers). Looks professional and presentable, has at least four different categories included, and is about ADD or ADHD.
Has less than three categories of information, correct audience, over ADD or ADHD, and looks presentable.
Not fully completed, not the correct audience, only one category of information, and it doesn't look professional or presentable.

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