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    Foreign Language Collaborative Lesson Plan

Direction to students are vague and uninviting.
Directions to students are explained, but leave questions unanswered.
Directions to students are clear, but may leave a question unanswered.
Directions to students are clear and leave no question as to the purpose, steps and grading during the lesson.
The lesson is not age appropriate and the goal is outside the scope of the subject taught.
The lesson may not be completely age appropriate and the learning goal may not be perfectly aligned.
The lesson is appropriate for the age, but the learning goal(s) may not be well aligned.
The lesson is appropriate for the age and learning goals.
No timeline is present.
Not enough time is alloted for the scope of the lesson.
Some more time might be considered for the success of the project.
Enough time is alotted for the scope of the project.
Collaborative Elements
No collaboration is present within the lesson plan.
Not enough collaborative interaction is defined within the lesson.
More collaborative activities might be considered in addition to the ones present.
Collaboration is present throughout the lesson plan.
There are no scaffolds in the lesson plan that would benefit the students in completing their projects.
Not enough scaffolds are present within the lesson plan.
Some scaffolds are present within the lesson plan.
Sufficient scaffolding is identified within the lesson plan.
No rubrics or grading measures were created for this lesson.
Not enough grading material present to determine student participation and learning.
Some rubrics are developed, but may need more work to be aligned with learning goals.
Clear rubrics are developed that reflect the learning goals in scope and weight.

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