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    Annotations Rubric--Edmodo

Facility of Language
Excellent analysis. Makes insightful, independent observations and/or analysis.
Advanced facility of language. Excellent clarity and vocabulary.
May have some minor, insignificant errors in grammar and mechanics.
Good analysis. Offers good observations and/or analysis.
Good facility of language. Good control over the elements of language.
Some lapses in syntax or grammar.
Superficial or limited analysis. Makes obvious but valid observations.
Generally clear expression of writing.
May have some significant grammatical errors, but not a pattern that interferes with communication.
Inadequate analysis. Lack of evidence or faulty reasoning.
The reader must work hard to understand key points. Rambling ideas. Inconsistent control over the elements of language.
A pattern of grammatical errors interferes with communication (e.g., run-on sentences, fragments, awkward syntax, inappropriate word choice, etc.)
Incoherent analysis. Ideas are incongruous with the meaning of the passage.
Consistent weaknesses in control over writing. Significant distractions from the fluency of the writing.
Numerous and distracting errors reveal below grade-level writing.

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