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    AP Essay Rubric

Language Fluency
Grammar & Mechanics
Excellent illustrations, depth, and details. Makes valid, independent observations.
Advanced facility of language. Displays imagination and artistic expression. Advanced syntax and mature diction.
May have some minor, insignificant errors in grammar and mechanics.
Excellent illustrations, depth, and details--but to a lesser degree.
Excellent facility of language. Strong syntax and diction.
Some minor errors in grammar and mechanics.
Effective illustrations. Above-average details. Good connections.
Some artistic expression. Good control over the elements of writing.
A few lapses in syntax and grammar may be present.
Some effective illustrations. A "safe" paper.
Significantly less artistic expression. Good clarity of writing, though without significant intellectual insight.
Some lapses in syntax and grammar.
Predictable illustrations. General analysis. Superficial or limited evidence. Uneven development.
Generally clear expression of writing.
May have some significant grammatical errors, but not a pattern that interferes with communication.
Inadequate Illustrations. Insufficient evidence. The reader may misunderstand the prompt.
The reader must work to understand key points. Rambling ideas. Inconsistent control over elements of writing.
A pattern of grammatical errors interferes with communication (e.g., run-on sentences, fragments, awkward syntax).
3 and below--F
The writer may misread or substitute a simpler task, thus only tangentially addressing the prompt. Lack of cogent analysis.
Rambling generalizations. Consistent weaknesses in control over writing.
Numerous grammatical errors reveal below-grade level writing.

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