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Rubric ID: 1000875
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    ECI 432/532: Multicultural Literature Circle Paper

Exceeds Expectations
Meets Expectations
Does Not Meet Expectations
Cover Sheet
Cover sheet is professional in appearance and conforms to format; (i.e., Course number, Name of Project, Semeter, Candidate's Name and Instructor's Name) are Included (5 pts.)
Cover sheet is professional in appearance; 4 out of 5 components are included (3 pts.)
Cover sheet is looks unprofessional;3 or fewer components are included (1pt.)
Format/Required Components
All six required components are present in report (5 pts.)
Five of the required components are present in report (3 pts.)
Four or fewer of the required components are present in report (1 pt.)
Good organization; Events are logically ordered, sharp sense of beginning and end (5 pts.)
Some organization; Events are somewhat jumpy (3 pts.)
Not organized; Events make are not in any logical order (1 pt.)
Quality of Information
Supporting details are specific to the subject (5 pts.)
Some details are non-supportive of subject (3 pts.)
Unable to find specific details (1pt.)
Grammar and Spelling
All grammar and spelling are correct (5 pts.)
Only one or two errors (3 pts.)
Frequent grammar and/or spelling errors (1 pt.)
Style of Writing
Vocabulary is varied; Supporting details are vivid (5 pts.)
Vocabulary is consistent; Details lack "color" (3 pts.)
Report requires more descriptive words (1 pt.)
Wordprocessed or typed, cleand and neatly stapled or bound (5 pts.)
Legible, clean copy; neatly stapled or bound (3 pts.)
Illegible, print too small or too large; loose pages (1 pt.)
References Included
3 or more different sources, correct format (i.e., book, magazine, encyclopedia, CD-ROM) (5 pts.)
2-3 different sources, correct format; may contain punctuation errors (3 pts.)
No bibliography (1 pt.)
Report handed in on time (5 pts.)
Report handed in no more than 2 days late (3 pts.)
Report handed in a week or more late (1 pt.)

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