The Pole in the Lake Worksheet



According to the original blueprint, one-half of the pole is under ground and one-third of the pole is above the ground but under the water's surface.
You have measured the pole's height above the water line, and determined that the poles height is eight feet above the water.
How long is the entire pole?

  1. Drafter: Sketch the pole and label the three sections described above with a
    variable and appropriate numbers:






  1. Write an algebraic equation to represent the pole’s length and solve below.





  1. Submit your answer. Were you right? _______________
    If the answer is correct, turn in your worksheet.
    If the answer is incorrect, obtain a new worksheet and make appropriate corrections and turn in both worksheets.





Note: This worksheet is being used by the High Plains R*TEC with the special permission of its creator, Donna B. Prescott. Reproduction of this page is acceptable as long as this note is included.