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RubiStar Tutorial

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Creating a rubric that will not be saved

If you want to show someone how RubiStar works or you do not wish to save the rubric you create, then follow these directions.

Step 1 Getting started
Step 2 Choosing a customizable rubric
Step 3 Entering rubric information
Step 4 Selecting rubric content
Step 5 Modifying the rubric
Step 6 Finishing the rubric
Step 7 Printing the rubric
Step 8 Creating an offline-browser document
Step 9 Downloading an Excel™ spreadsheet

Getting Started

Scroll down on the homepage of RubiStar until you see the green arrow, like the one shown below, that says Make a New Rubric.

This is a picture of the green arrow that has text inside it saying "Make a New Rubric".

Click on the arrow or the text link directly under the arrow.

Choosing a customizable rubric

You will now see a list of available rubric templates. To start creating your own customized version, please click on the rubric template title that best fits your needs, as shown below.

This is an image of the list of templates, the cursor is getting ready to click on the Making a Brochure template.

Entering rubric information

Next you will begin entering your information into the rubric. From the drop down menu, select the salutation you would like to to use. Then enter your first and last name as you would like it to appear on the rubric. In the image below, you can see the author of the Making a Brochure rubric, titled Dream Vacation, is a Ms. Jane Smith.

This image shows that the salutation is set on Miss, the first name is Jane, the last name is Smith and the rubric project name is Dream Vacation.

Now add your zip code. The last step is to select whether you want your rubric to be temporary or permanent. Since you just want to print your rubric, and do not wish to save it, please select temporary from the drop down menu. In the image below, Yes, my rubric is a temporary rubric is being selected.

This image show the pointer selecting Yes, my rubric is a temporary rubric from the drop down menu.

Selecting rubric content

The rating scale for the rubric is set to automatically display a numerical rating scale (4, 3, 2, 1). If you would like to customize the rating scale just click in the text box and type as you normally would in a word processing document. In the image below, the ratings have been changed to say Outstanding, Good, Mediocre, and Poor. Note that the scale must go from high to low.

This image shows the rating scale, which is Outstanding, Good, Mediocre, and Poor.

Next you will be able to select your rubric categories. Click on the arrows next to the words -Please Choose- and hold your mouse button down in order to see the drop down menu. Keep holding down your mouse button as you move your arrow over the category you want to appear first in your rubric, and let go of your mouse button when the desired category is highlighted. As shown below, the text boxes on the same row will be automatically filled in with content the HPR*TEC staff has written.

This image showing how to select a category on the rubric. The pointer is selecting Attractiveness and Organization on the drop down menu.

Repeat the previous step for all of the categories you wish to include in your rubric. You can put the categories in any order, but don't leave blank rows between your categories. Always start from the top. If you do not wish to use all of the categories, that is okay. If you don't choose a category it will not appear in the final rubric.

You can edit the text by clicking in the boxes. It is just like editing on a word processor. Highlight the words that you want to take out, and hit delete on your keyboard, or highlight words and type over them. Just remember that if you change the text on the Outstanding category, you probably will need to also change the text under Good, Mediocre, and Poor, too.

If at any time you would like to erase all the changes you made to one box, click the Reset button as shown in the image below. This will reset all the information to its original state when you first selected it.

This image shows that the Reset button is located underneath each category box on the rubric template.

Once you have added all the categories you want in your rubric, scroll to the bottom and click the Submit button.

This is an image of the Submit button.

If you would like to cancel all the changes you have made to the rubric, and reload the entire rubric, click the Reload button.

This is an image of the Reload Page button.


Modifying the rubric

After you click the Submit button, you will view your rubric. If you notice any typos or decide you would like to change something, simply click the Modify This Rubric button at the top of the page.

This is an image of the Modify this Rubric button.

Repeat the steps mentioned in the rubric content section above. When you are finished be sure to click the Submit button.

Finishing the rubric

You should now be back on the page that allows you to view your rubric. To finish creating your rubric, scroll to the bottom of this page. Click the Print or Download button.

This is an image of the Print or Download button.

You now have three options to choose from: print your rubric, create an offline browser document, or download an Excel™ spreadsheet.

Printing the rubric

If you want to print your rubric, click the Print Your Rubric link. Once your rubric is showing, go to your File menu at the top of the browser window, and select Print as shown below.

This is an image of the File menu. The pointer is selecting Print from this menu.

If you would like to make sure your rubric is going to print on one page, go to the File menu and select Print Preview. Once in the preview mode, make sure that your rubric fits on one page. In the image below, look at the circled area. Notice how the rubric runs off the page and is continued on a second page.

This is a picture of the Print Preview page.  At the bottom of the page it lists how many pages the rubric will print on.

Before going any further make sure that both the boxes in front of Headers and Footers and Print Images are checked. Next make sure the radio button in front of Shrink Pages to Fit is selected.

Now, if you would like your rubric to fit on one page, click on Page Setup at the top of the preview window. The image below is of the page setup window. Notice in the circled area that the Orientation selection is set for Portrait.

This is an image of the Page Setup window.  The Portrait symbol is circled in red, and so is the scale which now reads 90%.

Directly under the Orientation selection is a text box marked Scale. By default the Scale will be set at 100%.To make your rubric fit on one page lower this percentage. Start with a decrease to 90%. Click OK, and look at the preview window to see if your rubric now fits. If it still doesn't, use the trial and error method of decreasing the percentage and viewing the results until you reach your goal. Once you have found the correct scale percentage, press the Print button located at the top of the preview window.

Creating an offline browser document

If you want to create a document, click on the Create an Offline Browser Document link. When you click on this link, your rubric will be displayed in your Web browser. You may choose to save the page to your computer so that you may view the file later. Please keep in mind that this is not the same as creating a bookmark to an online document. You are actually saving your rubric onto your computer, and the rubric may be viewed without having your computer online.

To save the document, go to your File menu located at the top of your browser window and choose Save As. In the dialogue box rename your rubric and select the location in which you want to save your rubric. Make sure you remember where you save your document. You also need to make sure that the format you are saving the rubric in is Web Page Complete or Web Archive, as shown in the image below.

This is an image of the Save window.  The rubric is being saved as Dream_Vacation on the Desktop in the format of a Web Archive.

Downloading an Excel™ spreadsheet

This option is available for only certain versions of browsers and Excel™. Please check the specifications listed directly under this option in RubiStar. If you have the right versions, then go ahead and click the Download Excel™ Spreadsheet link. Your Web browser will prompt you that you are about to download a file. Make sure that you choose to Save it, and be sure to save it in a location you will remember.

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