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How to analyze a rubric

On the Analyze Rubric page you will first see a table with column and row headings that match your rubric. The percentages will at first will all say zero. To analyze your rubric, click on the Add/Edit ResultsThis is an image of the add/edit results button. button, which is located on the upper right-hand side of your window.

Once you have graded your students with this rubric, you can come to this analysis page and enter the number of students that received each rating.

You can enter the data two ways. Image that you have five students in your class and want to analyze their final ratings. You could choose to have the results already tallied and simply highlight the zero and then type the new number, as shown below.

This image shows the category rating box highlighted signifying that you could simply type a number in over the highlighted number.

You could also choose to flip through your rubrics and add each students rating one at a time by clicking on the Update Result button, which adds one to the number displayed each time you click it. Refer to the image below.

This image shows the curser clicking on the Update Result button resulting in a one appearing in the category rating box.

You can leave a cell blank if there were no students receiving that rating.

When all data is entered, scroll down and click the Submit button. Next click on the following Click here to return to your rubric link to view your results.

You will be shown a printable version of your data. Some categories may be highlighted in red, as shown in the image below. Highlighting means that this was a skill many members of your class found difficult. You may want to provide more practice, more examples, or more support in this area for this class and/or for similar projects.

This is an image of the final results, which show the category of Attractiveness and Organization highlighted in red since 60% of the students received a mediocre rating.  Spelling and Proofreading is also in red since 80% of the students scored  Poor.

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