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Rubric ID: 2267726
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    Teacher evaluation scheme

4 Points
3 Points
2 Points
1 Point
The workload was divided equally by all group members.
The workload was divided more or less.
The workload was divided, but one or two persons in the group was not doing his/her part of the work.
The workload was not divided or several people in the group were not doing their part.
Presentation has no misspellings or grammatical errors.
Presentation has 1-2 misspellings, but no grammatical errors.
Presentation has more than 10 grammatical errors but no misspellings.
Presentation has more than 15 grammatical and/or spelling errors.
The pupils have an excellent use of photos, videos, etc. and know how to use the different elements
The effects are great, but it’s often misplaced
The pupils have put more effort into the layout than the actual tasks
The pupils have not made a complete layout, but have only uploadet a picture og two.
Student showed maximum knowledge of research and have research thoroughly.
Student showed average knowledge of research, and have used some resources.
Student showed minimum knowledge of research. Only a few resources have been used.
Student showed no or little knowledge of research - Only one resource have been used
Interesting, creative, well-rehearsed presentation. Holds audience attention
interesting, smooth presentation, that holds audience attention
Presentation not smooth. Audience attention lost more or less
Presentation not smooth and not rehearsed. Audience attention lost.

Date Created: December 10, 2012
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