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Rubric ID: 2148017
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    Making A Game : Outline of Video Game

Concept is clear, the mathematical objective is understandable. The Math is age appropriate.
The concept is clear, the mathematical objective needs some more explaining. The mathematics might be too high or low to understand.
Concept is confusing no one theme. Mathematics is not appropriate for ages 4-8.
Concept is unclear, not solid mathematical concepts
Rules were written clearly, easy to understand.
Rules were written, but one part of the game needed slightly more explanation. Levels of game
Rules were written, but people had some difficulty figuring out the game.
The rules were not written.
Length of game
Appropriate amount of levels to keep interest.
Need to add/subtract no more than two levels.
Need to add/subtract no more than 5 levels
Not enough levels.
Visual style of game
There is a clear description of the game. One can easily envision playing it.
Some minor problems in the description. Left reader with questions about the vision of the game.
Left reader with lots of questions about the game. Can minimally picture playing it.
Can not visualize the game described by the description. Or description does not match rules and concept.
Cooperative work
The group worked well together with all members contributing significant amounts of quality work.
The group generally worked well together with all members contributing some quality work.
The group worked fairly well together with all members contributing some work.
The group often did not work well together and the idea appeared to be the work of only 1 student in the group.

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