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Rubric ID: 1639724
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    Basic Podcasting

4 Advanced
3 Proficient
2 Developing
1 Novice
Catchy and clever introduction. Provides relevant information and establishes a clear purpose engaging the listener immediately. Tells who is speaking, and where the speaker is located.
Describes the topic and engages the audience as the introduction proceeds. Tells most of the following: who is speaking, and location of speaker.
Somewhat engaging (covers well-known topic), and provides a vague purpose. Alludes to who is speaking, and location of speaker.
Irrelevant or inappropriate topic that minimally engages listener. Does not include an introduction or the purpose is vague and unclear. Speaker is not identified. No location of the speaker is provided.
Creativity and original content enhance the purpose of the podcast in an innovative way. Accurate information and succinct concepts are presented.
Accurate information is provided succinctly.
Some information is inaccurate or long-winded.
Information is inaccurate.
Vocabulary enhances content. Keeps focus on the topic.
Vocabulary is appropriate. Stays on the topic.
Vocabulary is adequate. Occasionally strays from the topic.
Vocabulary is inappropriate for the audience. Does not stay on topic.
Conclusion clearly summarizes key information.
Conclusion summarizes information.
Conclusion vaguely summarizes key information
No conclusion is provided.
Well rehearsed, smooth delivery in a conversational style.
Rehearsed, smooth delivery.
Appears unrehearsed with uneven delivery.
Delivery is hesitant, and choppy and sounds like the presenter is reading.
Effective enunciation and presenter's speech is clear and intelligible. Expression, and rhythm keep the audience listening.
Enunciation, expression, pacing are effective throughout the podcast.
Enunciation, expression, rhythm are sometimes distracting during the podcast.
Enunciation of spoken word is distant and muddled and not clear. Expression and rhythm are distracting throughout the podcast.
Presentation is recorded in a quiet environment without background noise and distractions.
Presentation is recorded in a quiet environment with minimal background noise and distractions.
Presentation is recorded in a semi-quiet environment with some background noise and distractions.
Presentation is recorded in a noisy environment with constant background noise and distractions.
Transitions are smooth and spaced correctly without noisy, dead space.
Transitions are smooth with a minimal amount of ambient noise.
Transitions are uneven with inconsistent spacing; ambient noise is present.
Transitions are abrupt and background noise needs to be filtered.
Volume of voice, music, and effects enhance the presentation.
Volume is acceptable.
Volume is occasionally inconsistent.
Volume changes are highly distracting.
Podcast length keeps the audience interested and engaged.
Podcast length keeps audience listening.
Podcast length is somewhat long or somewhat short to keep audience engaged.
Podcast is either too long or too short to keep the audience engaged.
Script is well written and developed. Easy to read.
Script is well written but in a draft form. Not easily read.
Script is in dot points.
Script consists of a few written notes.

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