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Rubric ID: 1393288
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    Brainstorm - Mindmap

Assignment Complete
All bubbles have at least 2 thoughts attached. Spell check used.
All bubbles have thoughts attached some only one thought. Spell check used.
Most bubbles have thoughts attached. Or student erased categories and wrote in category bubbles not attaching new bubbles. Spell check may not have been used.
Few bubbles have thoughts attached. Spell check not used
Assignment incomplete
Assignment not attempted
Assignment on Time
Turned in by due date
Assignment not attempted
Named correctly
Assignment has correct name. lastname_mindmap.isf
name of assignment changed from template name, but does not follow guidelines.
Assignment name not changed.
Assignment not attempted
Saved correctly
Document is located on Student server in the documents folder
Document is located on the server in the students folder but not in the documents folder.
Document not saved to the server
Assignment not attempted
Uploaded to Moodle
File uploaded to moodle
Wrong file uploaded
Assignment not attempted
Copy printed and in Binder
A copy of Brainstorm is located in student binder in the computer class section.
Assignment not attempted

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