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    Science Fair Experiment : Interest Fair 2006-2007

See Each column for points possible
See Each column for points possible
See Each column for points possible
See Each column for points possible
Research Paper-35 Points Possible-
Display-Eye Catching-Wow Factor-15 Points possible
Mechanics-Spelling and Grammar-5 Points possible
Headings-5 Points possible-each section of the board should have a heading
Pictures-5 Points possible-There should be at least 5 pictures pertaining to the interest
Captions-5 Points possible-Each picture should have a caption giving information about the picture
Borders-5 Points possibe-Student must frame each picture with a border
Subtopics-5 Points possible-Each topic should be labeled-5 topics in all
History of the topic-5 Points possible-This should include timelines and information about the topic.
Math or Science element-5 Points possible-There should be some aspect of Math or Science present on your board.
References-Student must have used 3 references for thier information.Only 1 can be the internet.
Extras-5 Points possible-Extra effort-Extra props-Extra information that was not asked for on the scoring guide.

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