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Rubric ID: 1325412
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    computer art

there is a high level of aesthetics in the arrangement of the images and text. good use of colour and effects. many filters and layers contribute to the overall excellent standard of creativity
a variety of images are aranged ina pleasing manner. colurs are well considered and some effects have been used. the use of layers is restricted to working within the space and lacks depth/opacities
makes good use of colour. some opacity is used and layers contibute to some level of variety
choice of colours is distracting and detracts from the composition. very few effects are used. the artwork seems flat and lacks depth
no misspellings or grammatical errors
three or less mispellings/and or grammatical errors
four misspellings /grammatical errors
more than 4 errors
text used is interesting, is relevant to the CD and integrated well with the visual images
arrangement of the images is well intergrated but the text does not sit well in the composition
for the most part the arrange,ment of images and text is logical
there is no clear logical arrangement or organization of images and text
any original images, logos or text are manipulated so that they no longer resemble the source material.
quite a lot of manipulation has takemn place but more risks could have been taken to change logos. layers are effective and create depth
very little change is made to the images and text but slight changes are visible. layers and filters do litle to create interest and originality
images are in original format and not manipulated
sourceing from the internet
the variety of selected images are imaginative and interesting
images and text are well intergrated but lack some imagination
images and text are standard and show a lack of a deep search
very few images were used sourced, which meant that the composition was not interesting or imaginative

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