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    Time Management

Daily Activities (email, phone calls, etc)
I become overwhelmed with daily tasks and feel like they take over my whole day.
I leave all daily tasks to the end of the day and deal with them at that time.
I complete routine tasks as they come up throughout the day, sometimes neglecting other tasks.
I schedule time to complete daily tasks.
Unexpected Tasks or Events
These events disrupt my whole day. It is hard to refocus.
It is difficult for me to balance planned and unplanned tasks and events. I feel stressed when given unplanned expectations.
I manage these tasks as they occur, but often end up working extra hours to complete scheduled tasks.
I have extra time built into my day to accommodate these tasks.
Interruptions from Co-Workers
The interruption leaves me frustrated. I feel like people are always "bugging" me.
The interruption sets my back for the day, but I enjoy talking with colleagues. I often need to work when others are not in the office.
I have extra time built into my day to accomodate these interruptions.
I can say "no" or "not right now" and touch base with the person at a more convenient time.
Managing Major Projects
I am a procrastinator. I become very stressed as deadlines approach.
I am a procrastinator. I believe I work best under pressure.
I have good intentions at first and get started on the project right away, but I end up finishing it within a day or two of the deadline.
I break the task into smaller, more managable pieces and complete the project over a period of time.
Managing Multiple Tasks
I feel overwhelmed when given many tasks to complete. I don't know where to begin.
I can complete multiple tasks, but I feel stressed and unorganized when doing it. I often need to spend time outside the regular day completing these tasks.
I enjoy the challenge of many tasks, but cannot effectively balance my time to complete each one efficiently.
I understand my own style of organizing tasks and can complete each one as expected and on time.
Personal Time
I have no personal time because I am always taking my work home.
I cannot relax during my personal time because I am often thinking about work related issues.
I enjoy most of my time away from the office, but have a hard time "letting go" of work.
I enjoy my personal time because I can leave my work at the office, knowing I have dedicated time to complete all required tasks.

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