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Rubric ID: 1097570
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    Make A List

Choice #1
Choice #2
Includes at least 4 options for Choice #1.
Includes at least 3 options for Choice #2.
Correct and Accurate Solution given in Organized List format.
Creative problem. Final copy written/typed (with rough copy)neatly with no more than one error.
Includes 3 options for Choice #1.
Includes 2 options for Choice #2.
Correct Solution given but List format is not used.
Final copy written/typed (no rough copy) with few errors.
Includes only 2 options for Choice #1.
Includes only 1 option for Choice #2.
Inaccurate solution given.
No final copy turned in. Rough copy is neat and has few errors.
No solution given.
No final copy turned in. Many errors on rough copy.
Not completed
Not completed
Not completed
Not completed

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