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    Role-playing a Situation of Bullying

Group Cooperation
Ability to Solve the Problem Appropriately
You did a fantastic job of working with the other members of your group. You let others share their ideas and cooperated well. You realize that everyone needs to work together as a team. Way to go!
You did a fabulous job of taking this project seriously. You showed that you cared about the subject and taught the class you would handle it in real life.
Wow! What a great way to deal with this problem. In real life, you would have succeeded! Way to go!
You were so prepared with this role-play. I can tell you worked hard to come up with a solution and practice. You put lots of time and hard work into this. Nice work.
Nice work.
You did a nice job of working together as a group, but maybe need to listen and share a a few more ideas so that all members have a part in the role play.
You took the project seriously and showed the class how to handle the situation appropriately, but maybe needed one reminder to stay on task during the role play.
I like your idea of a solution to this problem. It should work in real life, but can you think of a way to improve it just a little?
I can tell you put some work into this to be prepared for this role-play, but there were some areas you could have practiced once or twice more before presenting. I enjoyed your work.
Okay, but ask me for suggestions to improve for next time.
You showed effort toward working as a group, but needed help to stay on task and listen to all group members and share ideas.
Remember this is a serious situation. It is not fun to be made fun of, and we need to make sure we practice taking this seriously. It looks like you tried to take this seriously, but had some difficulties.
Your idea has possibilities. Parts of it may work, but parts of it will need work. Let's talk about it to work on a really effective solution.
You obviously put some effort into this project, but could have been more prepared to get in front of the class to do the role-play. Remember to practice so you feel comfortable first!
Try harder next time. You can do it.
You really need to work on sharing ideas and listening to all group members. Remember, this needs to be a team effort.
Remember to take these role plays seriously. The only way to get good at this is to practice them in a serious way. Then others will take you seriously.
I'm not sure your solution will work in real life, are you? Let's talk about some other things that might work.
You had some nice ideas for your role-play, but should have practice more to be prepared. I needed to see more effort into this project.

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