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    Literary Journal Rubric

    Teacher Name: Dr. White

    Student Name:     ________________________________________

A [91-100]
B [81-90]
C [72-80]
D [71-72]
F [69 and below]
The journal displays excellent thoroughness. All entries are present with thoughtful attention to detail.
The journal displays good overall thoroughness, but is missing 1-2 entries. All responses show good attention to detail.
Adequate completion of entries. However, the journal is missing a few entries. Responses show limited attention to detail.
Below-average completion. Several entries are missing. The writer seems not to follow through with ideas.
Poor completion. The journal is missing many entries, and/or the responses are woefully developed.
Excellent organization. All entries are clearly labeled, numbered, and easily identified.
Good organization. Most entries are clearly labeled, numbered, and easily identified.
Limited organization. Some entries are not correctly numbered, labeled, or identified.
Below-average organization. Several entries are not correctly numbered or labeled. The reader must struggle to identify some entries.
Poor organization. Many entries are lacking the proper number or label. The reader must labor to identify many entries.
All entries display excellent clarity of writing. The expression of ideas are followed with ease.
All entries display good clarity of writing with minimal distractions.
A few entries are lacking in clarity of writing, but overall the writing is acceptable.
Several entries lack clarity of writing. Some effort is required to follow expression of ideas.
Most entries are difficult to follow due to lack of clarity of writing. The reader must use considerable effort to follow expression of ideas.

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