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    Connections Rubric

    Teacher Name: Dr. White

    Student Name:     ________________________________________

Outstanding connections with excellent details.
Strong connections with good details.
Adequate connections but lacking in details.
Limited connections with a lack of details.
Inaccurate connections and/or unacceptable content.
Little or no errors in grammar and mechanics.
May have some minor errors in grammar and mechanics.
Some significant errors in grammar and mechanics, but not enough to interfere with communication.
Many significant errors in grammar and mechanics, but generally the ideas are clear.
Many serious errors in grammar and mechanics disrupt the flow of ideas. Below grade-level writing.
Facility of Language
Excellent use of language. Displays imagination and artistic expression.
Good use of language. Strong syntax and vocabulary.
Adequate use of language. The writing is generally clear.
The reader must work to understand key points. Inconsistent control over the elements of writing.
Consistent weaknesses in control over writing.

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