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    Ancient Greece & Rome Mini-Portfolio

    Teacher Name: Mr. Ray

    Student Name:     ________________________________________

10 Sentence Reflection on Unit Covering Each of the 4 Requirements
Reflection is at least 10 sentences and covers each of the 4 requirements.
Reflection is between 6-10 sentences and/or covers 2-3 of the requirements.
Reflection is between 3-5 sentences and/or covers only 1 of the requirements.
Reflection is 2 sentences or less and/or covers none of the requirements.
Submission of 2 Assignments & 1 Activity
At least 2 assignments & 1 activity submitted.
Only 2 of either submitted.
Only 1 of either submitted.
Nothing submitted.
Reflection on Assignments & Activities
Appropriate reflection about all submitted assignments and activities.
Appropriate reflection on only 2 submissions.
Appropriate reflection on only 1 submission.
No reflection on assignments or activities.
Study Strategies
Provides at least 3 strategies.
Provides 2 strategies.
Provides 1 strategy.
Provides no strategies.
No grammar mistakes.
1-3 grammar mistakes.
4-5 grammar mistakes.
6 or more grammar mistakes.

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