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    Major Work Presentation--Rubric

    Teacher Name: Dr. White

    Student Name:     ________________________________________

23-25 Points
21-22 Points
18-20 Points
17 or Fewer Points
The presentation is highly innovative and displays unique imagination.
The presentation is somewhat innovative and displays moments of imagination.
The presentation displays little imagination or creativity.
The presentation is trite and unimaginative.
The presentation has strong content material and shows excellent attention to detail.
The presentation displays good content and has good overall details.
The presentation displays fair content. May be lacking in details.
The presentation has unacceptable content and has little or no details.
All work for the presentation was fairly and equitably distributed amongst all team members.
Most of the work of the presentation was distributed amongst the team members.
At least one team member did not contribute his/her fair amount of work.
Two or more members failed to show up for meetings and/or did not contribute to the presentation.
Visual Aide
Excellent degree of quality of visual aide. Attractive and professional in appearance.
Good degree of quality of visual aide. Good overall appearance.
Fair degree of quality of visual aide. Adequate overall appearance.
Poor degree of quality of visual aide. The appearance reveals little time was spent on the visual aide.

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