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    Individual Contribution to Group Online Research and Collaboration

    Teacher Name: Ms. Norris

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Relevance to Topic and Depth of Information
Your sites focus on your topic and have a wealth of information that is useful to you and your partner.
Some of your sites focus on your topic others might just touch on your topic. Some of the information doesn't deal with your topic.
Most of your sites just mention your topic but doesn't give you a wealth of information that could be useful to you and your group.
No relevance to the topic and/ or excessive addition of sites already tagged.
Thoroughness of Social Bookmarking
Each site is correctly tagged including perfect MLA citation. You provide a detailed description of the site and how this information provided is going to be helpful.
Each site is correctly tagged, formatting errors in MLA citation for all sources. Your description includes a basic summary of the information and there is an incomplete description how this information will be useful.
Sites are incorrectly tagged and have vague descriptions. Some MLA citations are omitted or have excessive errors.
No sites are tagged.
Google Docs
Understands and can work independently using Google Docs.
Understands how to use Google Docs but needs assistance using some features.
Needs extensive assistance using Google Docs.
Student cannot use Google Docs or refuses to use this tool.
Publishing and Sharing
Understands how to share and have information published.
Almost understands how to share and have information published.
Has a hard time publishing and sharing documents.
Cannot publish or share documents. Or refuses to meet this requirement.
Continuously interacts with group members throughout research process. Able to provide informative and useful feedback.
Interacts with group members and provides minimal but useful amounts of feedback.
Rarely interacts with group members provides feedback that is not useful to the research process.
Student does not interact with the group, causes problems within the group, or provides excessive amounts of harsh criticism.
Date of Contribution
Contribution made within the first 2 days of availability.
Contribution made in the first week of availability.
Contribution made after 7 days but before deadline.
No individual contribution made

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