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    Movie Maker Project

    Teacher Name: Mr. Wood

    Student Name:     ________________________________________

Visual Appeal
Movie is composed of clear photos with appropriate visual effects that enhance its entertainment value.
Movie contains some poor quality photos or overwhelming effects that detract from the effectiveness of the movie.
Movie contains no visual effects to enhance the photos and photos may appear for too long, making for a boring experience.
Connection to Standards
The content portrayed in the movie is well-paired to curriculum standards. Watching the movie, the viewer is introduced to something new or different than before and content that is relevant beyond viewing this footage.
The movie is loosely related to curriculum standards and presents content with which the students are familiar.
The movie serves as little more than an entertainment piece.
Content Delivery
The movie is well-paced and delivers content on par or exceeding any alternative method the teacher may have chosen. Students are just as knowledgeable of the content having viewed this movie as they would have been with their teacher explaining it to them personally.
The movie serves as a vehicle for the content, however the content may have been over simplified and generalized for the sake of the video.
The movie does not deliver content at all. It is representative of use of Movie Maker rather than an integrated portion of a lesson.
Appropriate Audio
Audio accompanying the video is clear and appropriate to the tone and content shown.
Audio is engaging, but inappropriate to the tone and content of the video.
There is no additional audio added to enhance the video.
Sources Cited
Sources for all content are cited and the amount of content is restricted to that provided under fair use.
Most sources are cited correctly or originate from sources that are openly available.
Sources are not cited and therefore may breach copyright.

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