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    Math numbers

    Teacher Name: Mrs. Campbell

    Student Name:     ________________________________________

Well Done
Good Job
What to work on
Regonizie number to 20
Able to read numbers to 20 without stopping
able to read numbers to 20 but struggles a little
can read most numbers to 20 however struggles with them
only reads a few and struggles
able to assosicate value to number (such as with the number 15 count out 15 pennies)
Able to take any number and count out the value of that number in objects
able to do most numbers takes time
can do smaller numbers but struggles with larger ones
only able to do very small numbers and needs help with them
write numbers in order to 20
able to write all numbers in order with out help and are clear
able to write numbers in order but needs help with order
can write most numbers some not in order and some not clear
only has a few numbers and not clearly written or in order

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