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    Parents of Children with Learning Disorders and Gifted and Talented

    Teacher Name: Eubank

    Student Name:     ________________________________________

Needs Work
I have discussed with my child what level of lighting he/she likes best and have made that level available.
I provide what lighting I think is best for my child and have not asked him/her what he/she prefers.
I have not considered lighting to be important to my child's learning space.
Noise Level
I provide either lyric free sounds or no noise. My child has limited distractions during study time.
I have eliminated most distractions. Extra noise is occasinally present and distracting.
I have not taken steps to remove noisy distractions.
Available supplies
I have extra supplies ready at hand. Basic supplies(pencils, paper, erasers) and additional supplies(crayons, ruler, scissors) are both available.
I keep basic supplies in the study area, but homework requiring more creates down time in searching for those supplies needed.
I have to search for supplies anytime they are needed. This down time leaves my child off track.
Parental Support
I am always available and nearby during set study time incase help is needed. I check mychild's work for completeness and errors.
I check whether homework is done and make sure time is allowed for homework.
I sometimes check with my child for homework. I am rarely free to help with assignments.
Understanding Challenges
I know which subjects are hard and easy for my child. I help with hard subjects and encourage extended thinking in easy subjects.
I know which subjects are hard. We work extra in those areas and only deal briefly with easier subjects.
I know which subjects are challenging and which subjects need challenges, but I am unable to provide support in either.

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