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Rubric ID: 1688474
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    Professional Development Version 2

5 points
3 points
1 point
Update on Progress
Under each goal, sufficiently explains the progress made toward each goal, which may include information on what has been done, challenges, successes, what still needs to be done, and skill maintenance.
Explanation of progress towards of one goal is insufficient.
Explanation of progress towards two or more goals is insufficient.
Under each goal, links to evidence of progress toward (or accomplishment of) every goal. May include screenshots or photographs as evidence of progress.
One goal does not have a link to evidence of progress toward (or accomplishment of) the goal.
Two or more goals do not have links to evidence of progress toward (or accomplishment of) the goals.
Future Plans
Sufficiently outlines plans toward achieving each goal that has not yet been attained.
Somewhat outlines plans toward achieving goals that have not been attained, though description is somewhat vague.
The description of future plans is poor, not specifying how student will attempt to achieve each goal not yet attained.
There are very few spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
There are five or more spelling, punctutation, or grammatical errors.
Overall, the document is poorly written.

Date Created: February 03, 2009
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